Xinru’s little well talk: the Application of 2-Furoic Acid

2-Furoic Acid is mainly used in Pharmaceutical, Veterinary medicine and Plastic plasticizer industry.


  • 2-Fur oic Acid can prepare 2-Tetrahydrofuroic Acid(CAS: 87392-07-2), it is an important Pharmaceutical intermediate.
  • To prepare 2-Furoyl Chloride(CAS: 527-69-5), the product can be as follows:
    A, To make A malaria drug: Diloxanide furoate(CAS: 3736-81-0).
    B, To make ammonium furan(CAS: 97148-39-5), which is an important intermediate for Cefuroxime (CAS: 55268-75-2).
    C, Important intermediate of veterinary drug Ceftiofur (CAS: 80370-57-6).


  • It can be used to synthesize methyl furan, furfuramide, furfurate ester and salt.
  • In the plastic industry can be used for plasticizer, thermosetting resin and so on.
  • Used as a preservative in the food industry.
  • Used as intermediates in organic synthesis, to transform into esters, acyl chloride, anhydride, amide and other derivatives, widely used as intermediates in coating additives, medicine and spices.
Furoic Acid
  • Product name: 2-Furoic Acid

  • Alias: 2-Furancarboxylic Acid; Furan-2-Carboxylic Acid; Pyromucic Acid
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