Barium Carbonate(granular type)

Main content:99.2%min

Molecular Formula:BaCO3

CAS No.:513-77-9

UN NO.:1564

Place of origin:China


Irregular shape granule,density 1.70g/cm3, melting point 1740℃.Uniform granula and well distributed.Insoluble in water and ethanol ,soluble in chloride or ammo nitrate solution to form a complex soluble in nitric acid and emit carbon dioxide ,Toxic !


Kinescope ,optical glass ,radio devices.

Making other barium salts adn reagents .

Standard specifications based on GB / T1614-1999

Barium Carbonate 99.2%min
Moisture 0.30%max
HCI-insoluble matter 0.25%max
Total sulpuar(SO4) 0.3%max
Iron(Fe2O3) 0.004%max
850UM sieve residue 1%max
150UM sieve residue 85%